Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Neil's Homecoming..

My cousin Neil just returned home off of his mission. They had a small dinner right after the homecoming. My dad’s family was all there. It was fun to see so many of them. I haven’t seen a lot of them for a really long time. I love this picture of my mom and dad! They are the best parents any girl could ask for. I am glad that I have been blessed to have them as great parents and awesome examples to all of us. They would do anything for anyone. I look at the service they do for others and I wish I was half as good as they are. I am so proud of them and I love them so much. I couldn’t do it without them. They have always been there for me. I love each of you forever and forever!

Meagan's Baby Shower!!

My cousin Meagan is having a baby boy! Sally, Daisy and Whitney had her a baby shower on Saturday and we were all able to attend. It was fun to see everyone I haven’t seen in a long time. She got a lot of nice gifts. They had soup bowls and relish trays. It was a fun Saturday. We are so excited for Bill and Meagan! Congratulations!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Matt & I...

After Sunday dinner at Matt's house, we played duck, duck, goose with the kids. These are some cute pictures of Matt and his niece Tatum and nephews, Kristopher and Carson.
(Kerstin - I stole some pictures from your blog! I hope you don't mind! I LOVE this one of Matt and Carson!)

Happy Halloween!

Okay.. So you are never to old to dress up and have fun! We had a Halloween party and here are some of the photos of everyone and their costumes. Hayley decorated the house absolutely darling! It was a fun night....


Hayley - I mean Bubba & a Surprise visitor...
Sammie Skeleton, Hayley - Bubba and Molly Cowgirl

Terry & Jamie - Little Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wolf!

Elvira & Elvis


Summer & Nun Brenda

Baby Caleb & Kendahl

Vince & Lindsey


Alex - Mr. Hugh Playboy

Gavin.. Skeleton
Sarah.. Pirate
The kids hangin out...