Thursday, August 21, 2008

Matt's new ride!!

Okay, so most of you know that Matt works at RC Willey out by the airport and goes to school at Salt Lake Community College. He lives in Lehi, so the money he puts into gas every week is a lot! He had been looking into cars that run on compressed natural gas. We have looked for quite a while and we even took a road trip to the Manti area to look for some that were for sale down there. It runs on both natural gas and regular fuel, so when the natural gas is out it automatically switches to regular fuel. The price for natural gas is .87 cents a gallon, which is a lot cheaper than regular fuel. He found this suburban on KSL. I don't really know if the guy who was selling it knew exactly how much it was worth. Matt got it for $14,000 which is a great deal compared to the ones we had looked at. Yes.... it is a family wagon. LOL... But, Matt loves to camp and so it will be fun to take it camping and be able to pull things with it. I am really excited for him. He deserves the best!

Demolition Derby...

On Saturday the 16th we went to the Utah County Fair. They held it at the Spanish Fork Fairgrounds. We got to walk around and check out all the animals and booths. Later that night we got tickets for the demolition derby. For those of you who don't know what a demolition derby is.. it is the funnest thing ever to watch! People take old junky cars, remove the fuel tanks and chain it in the back seat. They put huge pipes and crazy paint jobs on the cars. They then compete with 6-10 other cars hitting each other just like you would with bumper cars to see who pretty much is the last car running. They have to get a hit every two minutes or they are disqualified. Some of the cars get pretty banged up. They have a powder puff for the girls and boy does it get wicked! There was a girl who actually t-boned another car and it rolled and landed upside down pinned the other driver in the car. It was a crazy time! They had fireworks afterwards. We were all tired from a long days fun!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Four Wheeling Trip

For Hayley's birthday we decided to go on the department ride with my co-workers. We went up Palisades Canyon near Manti, Utah. There were about 30 riders that went. Dale and Caroleann did a great job at guiding us the whole day! We went through some great mud holes and we looked like we hadn't taken a bath in months! It was one of the funnest things I have done in a long time! The last picture is overlooking the valley that we had just come through. It is beautiful there!

24th of July Fireworks... A few days late!

We did fireworks on the 27th at Matt's house. Just a couple of days late! LOL.. Kristopher, Matt's nephew had a great time. He gets so excited and Sarah just had a great time relaxing and watching the show. NO.. Matt did not get beat up. He had just had his deviated septum fixed a couple of weeks ago and he was still pretty bruised and banged up. He looks great though! Hopefully he will be able to breathe a lot better! We had a great time!

Camping at Payson Lakes

Well geez... It has been just about forever since I have posted anything on my blog. This summer has been so crazy. We have done so many fun things. In June, we went camping with our neighbors up Payson Lakes and had an absolute blast! We did dutch oven, corn in the fire, played tons of fun night games, cards, swimming and last but not!! Well tried...the lake had so much cotton on it, that Matt and I were pretty frustrated by the time we got done and did not catch one thing. O well... I think we will be cleaning our reels for the next few months from the cotton that has dried on our fishing lines! Our good friend Molly let Hayley, Matt and I stay in her camping trailer and it was great! Thanks bunches Molly! Her are some pictures of the great time that we had!

Camping at Payson Lakes

More Camping Pictures...